Country Flame Harvester Biomass Stove is Easy to Operate, has the Latest in Self-Cleaning Firepot Technology, and the Ability Burn a Variety of Flex-Fuels

Country Flame Harvester is Easy to Operate, has the Latest in Self-Cleaning Firepot Technology, and the Ability Burn a Variety of Flex-Fuels

Country Flame Harvester is Easy to Operate, has the Latest in Self-Cleaning Firepot Technology, and the Ability Burn a Variety of Flex-Fuels

The Country Flame Harvester Pedestal series biomass stove continues the standard for wood pellet, corn and biomass combustion created by MagnuM 28 years ago. This workhorse of the MagnuM family of renewable heating appliances will complement your home with a variety of decor options like 24 Karat Gold or modern Nickel doors and trim.

Your Harvester will be easy to operate yet has the latest in self-cleaning firepot technology along with the ability to switch to burning a variety of Flex-fuels. No need to turn your Harvester off when there is a shortage of one fuel. Your Harvester will burn a variety of wood pellets, corn and other biomass specialty fuels for today and into the future.

The large Pedestal ash pan and 75 pounds of fuel capacity will keep you warm for up to 50 hours while reducing your maintenance time to a minimum. If traditional styling and proven dependability is what you are looking for, then the Country Flame Harvester is for you.

Start saving on your heating bills today by adding the HR-01 Country Flame Harvester to your home. Thank you for supporting clean air, warm nights and economical satisfaction.

Style Options Color Options Specifications
Country Flame Harvester is Easy to Operate, has the Latest in Self-Cleaning Firepot Technology, and the Ability Burn a Variety of Flex-Fuels Sky BlueHoney-glo BrownForest GreenMetallic Black Height: 31 1/4
Width: 25.5″
Depth: 24.5″
Weight: 404lbs
Direct exhaust vent size: 3″
Heavy duty heat exchanger: 15 tube
Room air blower: 160cfm
Heat level settings: 5
Fuel Type: Corn, Wood Pellet, Flex-fuel
BTU/Hr: 10,000-50,000
Hopper capacity: 75lbs
Heating capacity: Up to 2,500 sq/ft
Efficiency: 97%Included:
IntelliChoiceTM control board
Mobile Home Approved
Clean glass air wash equipped
Trim Options
Metallic BlackNickel Plated24 Karat Gold Plated


  • 97% Efficiency
  • Maximum Heating Capacity: 50,000 BTU
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • 404 Pounds
  • Burn Rate Pellet Fuel: 1.1 lbs – 5.5 lbs per Hour
  • Hopper Size 75 pounds
  • Black, Gold, or Nickel Door, Leg, & *Trim Options
  • Anti-Clinker Stainless Steel Stir Rod
  • IntelliChoice™ Touch Pad Control
  • Air Wash Equipped for Cleaner Glass
  • Room Air Blower Standard
  • Mobile Home and Alcove Approved
  • Thermostat Ready

The Country Flame Harvester series of Flex-fuel appliances combines elegant looks with a powerhouse of heating ability.  The self cleaning firepot technology along with the state of the art electronics means you have control over your heating costs.


• Daily: Clean top heat exchangers, clean firepot, empty ash pan if needed, fill fuel
• Daily: Turn unit to high setting, run for 15-20 minutes then reset to desired heat level.
• Weekly: Clean fly ash behind all cleanout slides
• Weekly: Clean lip above brick board, firebox areas, firepot, check venting and tees
• Weekly: After glass cools wipe with damp cloth
• Monthly: Remove firepot and check that the air holes are all open
• Monthly: Remove brick board and remove plugs and clean behind wall
• Monthly: Clean exhaust pipes
Spring Cleaning
• Yearly: Empty hopper of all fuel, vacuum and lightly oil
• Yearly: Spray chain with light oil
• Yearly: Vacuum all electrical motors of dust, vacuum out back cabinet
• Yearly: Remove brick board and remove plugs and clean behind wall
• Yearly: Remove brick board and spray light oil on inside of stove


Warranty information: MagnuM Country Flame Harvester series model HR-01– 5-year warranty on structural components, 1-year warranty on electrical components

Your Country Flame Harvester comes with the best warranty in the industry.  American Energy Systems feels that the best warranty is the one that does not need to be used.  With that in mind, we set out to build the best product possible.


Is it less expensive to burn corn or wood pellets?
If you are going to purchase both kinds of fuel, and depending upon where you live, both types of fuel can be very close in price. For the farmer who harvests corn and has a plentiful supply, the corn stove becomes very economical.

Do your stoves require electricity?
Yes. Country Flame appliances need electricity in order to work. If you want to run your corn stove during power outages, you will need to purchase a battery backup and inverter. These can be purchased at local retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City.

Do your Flex-fuel stoves have an ash pan?
Yes. The Country Flame line of Corn, Wood Pellet, Flex-fuel Stoves have convenient lift-out ash pans.

Can the Country Flame Flex-fuel stoves be connected to a thermostat?
Yes. Simply set the thermostat to the desired temperature and the Country Flame Stove will do the rest. And with the Country Flame IntelliChoice control board, the corn stove is equipped to operate either semi-automatically or manually with 5 heat settings. The choice is up to you.

Are the Country Flame Flex-fuel stoves approved for mobile home use?
Yes. For mobile home use, you must use the outside air connection found on the back of the stoves.

What is the voltage requirement for Country Flame Corn/ Wood Pellet / Flex-fuel stoves?
All models require standard household current 120 volt 60 hertz.  Grounded outlet and correct polarity.  A surge protector is required.

What would cause my stove to make my house smell like smoke?
Unlike wood stoves that work by natural draft, Country Flame Flex-fuel Stoves work by a forced air, vacuum system. In order for your stove to work properly, the venting system must be completely sealed so it will vent the smoke outside. If you are experiencing smoke smell, your venting may not have been completely sealed when installed. If this is not the case, the chimney could be blocked, or the door may not have been adjusted correctly during installation and sealed properly, or the door seal gasket may need to be replaced. You will need to contact your local dealer or installer to correct this problem.

When I press the ON/OFF button to start my stove, the light turns green but in a few seconds the control board goes into the “highway patrol” mode. What is the problem?
This usually means that the control board senses no vacuum present. The vacuum line may be plugged with ash between the vacuum switch and the exhaust blower. First, try cleaning the stove. Before cleaning, DISCONNECT POWER CORD. Clean the nipple on the exhaust blower (remove orange rubber hose) with an uncoiled paper clip (should go into the nipple approximately one inch). Next, try cleaning the exhaust blower and check your venting to see if something may have plugged the venting. Next, check the wiring between the control board and vacuum switch. If this does not work, then the vacuum switch, exhaust blower, or control board may be bad. Please contact your local Country Flame dealer or installer to help.

Why does my stove sometimes go out when it’s on the lowest setting?
You could be giving your stove too much air. Slide in the adjustable air control underneath the hearth extension at ¼” intervals to slow down the air flow until you reach the desired results. Or it could be that your firepot needs to be cleaned, or there is blockage in the feed system (auger). If these are not the cause, the setscrew on the auger shaft connecting the auger to the auger motor could be loose. Your local Country Flame Dealer can help you.

My stove is turned off but the exhaust blower came on and ran for a while. What’s up?
If there is a brief interruption in your electricity, the exhaust blower will come on for ten minutes and then shut off. This is a safety feature built into the stove. The exhaust fan removes any un-burnt gas from the firebox. If you don’t use your pellet stove for long periods, unplug it so the exhaust fan will not come on.

My stove doesn’t seem to burn as well as it did at first. The fire is very lazy even with the air adjustment control all the way open. What is the problem?
Your firepot or burn pot is probably plugged. Also, there could be a buildup in the chimney pipe or venting. Refer to the owner’s manual for proper cleaning and maintenance of your stove.

If I let my stove run out of corn, do I have to prime the auger again?
Yes. To prime the auger shaft, hold in the on/off button for 15 seconds or until the auger light starts flashing green. When corn begins to drop into the firepot, press the on/off button again for five seconds to turn off the prime mode. Now re-start the stove by holding the on/off button for five seconds until the on/off light turns green.

Why doesn’t my control board light up when I plug my stove into an electrical outlet?
The power receptacle may not have proper voltage. The fuse in the pellet stove may have blown or the control board may be bad. Call your local Country Flame Dealer for service.

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