MagnuM Baby Countryside Biomass Stove Continues the Time Tested Standard for Pellet Stoves, Corn stoves and Flex-Fuel Combustion

MagnuM Baby Countryside Biomass Stove Continues the Time Tested Standard for Pellet Stoves, Corn stoves and Flex-Fuel Combustion That Began Over 28 Years Ago

MagnuM Baby Countryside Biomass Stove

The MagnuM Baby Countryside biomass stove pedestal series continues the time tested standard for  pellet stoves, corn stoves and flex-fuel combustion that began over 28 years ago. This newest addition to the MagnuM family of renewable heating appliances will complement your home with a variety of decor options like 24 karat gold or modern nickel doors and trim.

Your MagnuM Baby Countryside will be easy to operate yet has the latest in tri-level combustion technology, electronic control center and optional auto ignition, perfect for burning a variety of flex-fuels. No need to turn your MagnuM off when there is a shortage of one fuel. Your MagnuM will burn a variety of wood pellet, corn and other biomass specialty fuels for today and into the future.

The large pedestal ash pan and up to 50 pounds of fuel capacity will keep you warm for up to 40 hours between fuel loads while reducing your maintenance time to a minimum. If sleek European styling and 28 years of proven dependability is what you are looking for, then the MagnuM Baby Countryside is for you.

Start saving on your heating bills today by adding the BC-AC MagnuM Baby Countryside biomass stove to your home. Thank you for supporting clean air, warm nights and economical satisfaction.


Style Options Color Options Specifications
MagnuM Baby Countryside Continues the Time Tested Standard for Pellet Stoves, Corn stoves and Flex-Fuel Combustion That Began Over 28 Years AgoMagnuM Baby Countryside Continues the Time Tested Standard for Pellet Stoves, Corn stoves and Flex-Fuel Combustion That Began Over 28 Years Ago Sky BlueHoney-glo BrownForest GreenMetallic Black Dimensions:
20″ W x 32″ H x 22″ D (pedestal)
20″ W x 40″ H x 22″ D (legs)Unit Weight: 250 lbs. shipping wt.BTU range: 10,000-32,000Fuel Capacity: Up to 50 lbsBurn time: Up to 40 hrs/low settingEmissions: 0.69 GM/Hr with wood pelletsEPA Status: Exempt
Trim Options
Metallic BlackNickel Plated24 Karat Gold Plated


Our new baby has grown up to be just like its parents, The Essex and Countryside! What a combination of looks, proven quality and safety coupled with its own unique style.

Equipped with reliable state of the art electronics, thermostat capability, solid state operation, multiple heat settings and a revolutionary firepot system, the MagnuM Baby Countryside is winning hearts across the nation.

With the safety pressure sensor (monitors negative pressure that can affect the unit), over-fire protection and proof of fire sensors, you can leave your Baby? Countryside that is, unattended for hours without worrying about your home being safe. The MagnuM Baby Countryside also comes standard with an automatic cool-down and auger shut-off feature if it runs out of fuel.

You’re going to want to see our new Baby! Contact a MagnuM Baby Countryside dealer near you to see for yourself how this attractive small package can put a big dent in your home heating bills.

Other Features Include:

  • Approved for mobile home use
  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty on electrical components
  • 5-year warranty on structural components
  • AC (110volt) operation or DC (12volt) operation
  • Standard Metallic Black color
  • Large viewing window, designed to stay cleaner longer
  • Revolutionary firepot design for extended burn times between cleaning

Options available include:

  • 24k gold-plated door, grill, trivet
  • Nickel plated door, grill, trivet
  • Self-ignition system
  • Attractive color options: See your dealer for details


• Daily: Clean top heat exchangers, fill fuel hopper, clean firepot every 6-12 hours
• Daily: Open intake air, run 5 minutes, Then reset to original position
• Weekly: Clean fly ash behind clean out slides
• Weekly: Clean inside of firebox, ash pan, clean all heat exchanger areas
• Weekly: After glass cools wipe with damp cloth to clean off ash buildup
• Monthly: Remove firepot and check that the air holes are all open, vacuum underneath
• Monthly: Check all areas for plugging, clean air intake if needed
• Monthly: Clean exhaust venting pipes if needed, check connections
Spring Cleaning
• Yearly: Empty hopper of all fuel, vacuum and lightly oil
• Yearly: Vacuum out back cabinet area, venting and tees
• Yearly: Vacuum all electrical motors of dust
• Yearly: Clean firepot area and lightly oil for summer
• Yearly: Clean firebox area and lightly oil for summer


Warranty information: MagnuM Baby Countryside model BC-AC – 5-year warranty on structural components, 1-year warranty on electrical components.

Your MagnuM Baby Countryside Model BC-AC comes with the best warranty in the industry.  American Energy Systems feels that the best warranty is the one that does not need to be used.  With that in mind, we set out to build the best product possible.


Was the Baby Countryside designed to run on Corn? 
Many companies are trying to convert wood pellet stoves to burn corn or a corn, wood pellet mix. The Countryside Flex-fuel stove was the first nationally certified Flex-fuel burning stove. This design was incorporated into the MagnuM Baby Countryside. This stove can burn corn, wood pellets or a combination of corn and wood pellets along with some other types of Flex-fuel such as cherry pits or olive pits. Don’t be misled by claims from other manufacturers that have not been in the industry long enough to have developed this technology.

Does the Baby Countryside have a self cleaning firepot?
The MagnuM Baby Countryside incorporates the unique self-cleaning techniques provided by circular combustion. This gives the MagnuM Baby Countryside extended burn times that leaves the competition, let’s just say they quit a long time ago. Tests have shown the MagnuM Baby Countryside to be burning clean and strong 1-2 days after the competition has had to shut down and clean up. When the firepot needs cleaning, you simply use the special tool provided and flick the clinker into the ash pan and continue to burn. No mechanical gimmicks to get warped, stuck or need a hammer to move.

How does the Baby Countryside vent?
The MagnuM Baby Countryside Stove vents out of the building through side wall or a vertical termination. Exhaust piping needs to be a 3″ or 4″ “L” vent listed pipe or corn approved venting.

Is the Baby Countryside hard to install?
No. However we recommend that a factory trained dealer install the stove so that proper installation, venting and code compliance is achieved. The MagnuM Baby Countryside can be installed in about any location as long as side wall or vertical termination is available.

Can you burn “seed corn” in the Baby Countryside?
No. Seed corn is treated with chemical pesticides that are harmful or fatal if swallowed; therefore, seed corn is dangerous to have in the house, especially where children can reach it.

What kind of clearance does the stove need?
The MagnuM Baby Countryside fits every application with 6 inches of clearance on the sides and 1 inch in the back and corners.

How safe is the Stove?
The MagnuM Baby Countryside Stove has many built in features to keep the stove safe. Features such as: Low and High temp auto shutdown, negative and positive pressure sensor so that smoke will not enter the home, hopper high-temp sensor to shut the unit down in case of burn back, door sensor that will shut the system down if someone leaves the door open. Diagnostics on the circuit board to let you know just what happened and why the unit shut down.

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